Practice Areas

Unlocking individual, team & organization level Human Insights through proprietary tools & processes 



Output: Insight Reports

We use our proprietary tools and processes to unlock deep human insights - emotional intelligence and intrinsic motivations that help you understand the human behind your employees and customers.


Designing strategies across a spectrum of organizational processes and touchpoints.


Output: Solution Blueprints

We use human insights and applied

user-centred design to innovate on products, services, campaigns and strategies that create lasting organizational impact.

Strategy & Consulting

Building team-level empathy through unique storytelling workshops and salons


Output: Empathy Maps


Our team of specialized Story Coaches work with small groups of an organization's leaders to help unlock individual and collective stories, develop trust and find meaning, as they lead talented teams into the future.

Workshops & Salons​

Our Focus

How might we.....

  • Drive organizational change and transformation for the future?

  • Gather insights about the humans behind our employee?

  • Develop more human-centered management practices?

  • Optimize our team's collaboration and workflow?

  • Position ourselves as the preferred employer in our industry?

  • Align our organization's social purpose to our employee's passions?

  • Become more inspired, joyful organization?

Organization Design

How might we....

  • Motivate our star performers, leaders and team.

  • Identify and activate our employees' intrinsic motivation strategy?

  • Design our organization to be more entrepreneurial?

  • Unlock the creative potential of our people?

  • Design leadership paths that align with personal purpose?

Leadership Design

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