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We are StoryCompany

A creative collective.


We are artists, storytellers, pattern mappers, designers, technologists and builders.


Devoted to the art of StoryCraftingbringing forth the stories that reside within individuals, families, communities, organizations, and other collectives.

StoryCrafting the process of diving deep within...

to discover our own unique Story...

to unpack and unravel what gives meaning to our life and helps us make sense of our world.


Who am I? Where do I find my energy? Who is my tribe? What brings us together? What will I create? How will I contribute?  


Today – perhaps we need meaning making and storycrafting more than ever as we search for our 'Self' and our place in a whole new world.


At StoryCompany, we work with leaders, organizations and communities to bring alive stories and narratives to help clarify the path ahead.

A path informed by resonance, designed from a space of joy, with an intent for continuous exploration for what is meaning-full, at all levels.


Our offerings include –

StoryBox – a digital storytelling tool that helps employees in an organization discover layers of their story and develop empathy for others around them

StoryLines A playbook, an exploration, an invitation to follow four storylines of motivation and meaning in our lives

StoryQs -Fun, interactive prompts to explore with friends and family, colleagues and collaborators, designed to uncover each others' stories in a meaningful way and build connection, beyond the typical ice-breaker

Advisory, Consultation, Coaching -

Our StoryCoaches work with leaders to help unlock individual and collective stories, develop trust and find meaning, as they lead talented teams into the future.


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