[Human] creativity is the very essence that spurs businesses and organizations into growth, into innovation and ultimately into the transformation of our world. But all too often, this [Human] spirit is squashed behind the everyday stressors prevalent at [Work]. ​

Burnout, disillusionment, disengagement. Loss of creative thinking, loss in employee motivation, a huge loss in productivity.​

The cost is high. Not just to the individual, their families and community, but to every organization where a major contributor to this employee disengagement is the Loss of [Meaning] at Work.​

On the other hand, employees who find [Meaning] at work display higher energy, motivation,  creativity, self-confidence and better work-life integration. This results in organizations that become centers of excellence, with much higher levels of empathy and teamwork, creativity and productivity, and overall employee engagement.​

At StoryCo, we focus on what brings this [Meaning] alive.​

We are a collective of people passionate about human empathy and exploring the creative Human spirit. Our work is rooted in our proprietary framework, the Meaning Mandala. ​

StoryCo’s products and services aim to create more meaning and empathy and reduce stress, anxiety and disengagement. We partner with leaders in organizations that care for their people and aim to create a more humanized world.

“Disengaged employees return just 60% of their salary in value”​

- Human Capital Institute

Our work is rooted in MEANING

Our proprietary Meaning  Mandaala ™ frames our approach to our work

DRAWING FROM: Analytical Psychology, Humanistic Psychology,  Logotherapy,  Positive Psychology, Comparative Psychology,  Eastern Philosophy

Our Approach

We embrace the principles of human-centered design and consistently employ a data-driven, agile and rigorous (yet fun) process.

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