is a digital insighting platform that works at the intersection of data science and anthropology to unlock the Stories of Humans @ Work.

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Storybox takes individuals through
story-based journeys to unlock actionable insights that help provide purpose & direction in their lives.              

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Storybox helps leaders in
organizations gain insights about the
humans behind the employees to help design effective strategies for

pressing challenges.

Finding The Story

Answer interesting, open ended 

qualitative questions

Call to personal action

Personal Insights leading to greater self-awareness

Actionable Reports and Design Challenges

StoryBox Outcomes

Our Team of Anthropologists analyze huge amount of Qualitative data to glean Observations and Insights. Based on these we frame Design Challenges for leadership teams to cull out the most important issues they must solve for. We must work closely with key skate holders to facilitate solutions to these design challenges.

Our Team of Design Strategists use the insights and design challenges to build tangible solutions across varied touch points - Employee engagement, Recruitment, Retention, Rewards, Recognition, Training & Development, Wellbeing, Mentoring & CSR initiatives.

Design Strategy

Insight and Design Challenges

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